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Madame Louis, was the "liquidatrice" or person in charge of wrapping up and vetting the members of Georges France / Groupe 31, whose seal can be seen at lower right, around the cross of Lorraine, the icon of de Gaulleover her signature with date October 24, 1946. Thanks to Tim Austin for this awesome find! In the column at far right is handwritten in the block of info just over the bottom line: "Deported Passed to Castille network" and typed right below that "Interpreter SNCF a[d]j[utant] Turban - information- recruiting - and liaison - arrested 4/2/42 deported-liberated MAY 194[5]". The three columns at leftjust over the bottom line, relating to André ( left page below) are crossed out: Far left column: date of entry into the network: April 1941; second column from left: Date of arrest: 4/2/42 (February 4, 1942); third column from left: date of repatriation: MAY 1945. Written by hand in red under the strikeout "Liquidé P2 by OVERCLOUD" meaning that he was vetted and registered by the liquidator of Overcloud, Joel  Le Tac, as see on the documents at

Tim Austin has explained that P2 was the rank that any resistance member was moved to when deported, whereas in service before arrest P1 was the rank for a resistance member holding a day job and P2 the rank of anyone on the payroll of the network. All the people on this page were arrested and none but André carries the designation of P2, which may reflect his having been employed by the networks in addition to his day job.

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It seems erroneous that André was with Castille, since that is known as the name under which the recoonstituted remnants of the Confrererie Notre Dame functioned after December 1943. However, reproduced below is a page from a register where André was entered as belonging to the C.N.D., and then that was crossed out to refer to his vetting by Overcloud.

The left page of the first register, with André's name and P2 rank.



Another register with André listed third from bottom and the crossed out as "Liquidé P2 by Overcloud."

Signed R. Moulin, Paris, March 6, 1947. Also attested to per the typecript by Captain Lutz, head of the Bureau of the F. F. C. ( Forces Françaises Combattantea) Also at top are the indications that it is a chronological listing of elements of the network Georges France as vetted on 7/11/46 (November 11, 1946)...

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