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While in Alsace to visit the camp in 2016, DMH was interviewed on French radio: Here, courtesy of reporter Olivier Vogel of  France Bleu Alsace ( are some clips:




Aerial reconnaissance photo of Konzentrationslager Natzweiler (K.L.Na) by the RAF, July, 1944


André back in French uniform after the war....


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New Documentation of André's leadership of the operations for the networks:

Overcloud, Georges France, and 31, from the Department of Defence Historic Archives in Vincennes

Finally, André's own archives are open!

The Man and the Book

Joseph Scheinmann, aka "André Peulevey"

# 4368 at Natzweiler and  #101739 at Dachau

drawn by Henri Gayot

five days before they left Natzweiler for Dachau

About Natzweiler - the KLNa: see

ID card from the

French National Office of Veterans and War Victims

In these photos, made by British intelligence when André was secretly brought over to England from France in the second year of World War II, André was given several disguises-in case he was picked up by the Nazis for questioning. 

His SIS number was MI6 agent 44921.

André sent copies of these photos back to his sister Mady in the US and thus we have a record of the kind and clairvoyant face with which he surmounted incredible obstacles in the course of spying on the Germans and eventually surviving three concentration camps, Natzweiler-Struthof, Allach and Dachau.



This page and its contents Copyright ©2005 Diana Mara Henry

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André at home in Padanaram Village, MA, 1998


Diana Mara Henry's presentation of Call Me André from the 40th Annual Sholars' Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches at St. Joseph's University, in the Journal of Ecumenical Studies, Fall 2011.

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