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Hussein Aboubakr Mansour, 27, was born to a Muslim banking family in Cairo, Egypt, and today is a self-proclaimed Zionist.Mansour managed to obtain a visa for the United States and has lived in California since 2012. Today he devotes himself to teaching Hebrew, educating people about Israel and helping students fight anti-Semitism on college campuses through the pro-Israel organization StandWithUs. Mansour wrote, “I was born an Arab; I know how violent, hateful, intolerant and aggressive Arabs are. So I support the right of the free people of Israel to have their own independent country. I support the civilized man against the savage, I support honesty over dishonesty, I support life over death, I support freedom against slavery, I support intelligence over stupidity, I support rationalism over terrorism. Thus, my dear reader, I support Israel.

Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger, “Second Thought: a US-Israel initiative”
YouTube 6-minute-video on-line seminar on US-Israel and the Mideast

Video#39:; Entire mini-seminar:

According to the Saudi Arabian-based newspaper, Arab News, "the Arab Spring is not about seeking democracy, it is about Arabs killing Arabs… about hate and sectarian violence…. The Arab Spring is an accumulation of years of political corruption, human rights violations, sectarianism and poor education systems…. The Arabs were never united and are now divided beyond anybody’s imagination. Arabs hate each other more than they hate the outside enemy. Syrians are hurting Syrians and the Israelis are the ones who treat the Syrian wounds [in an Israeli field hospital built on the Golan Height]."


Chanukah commemorates the victory of the Maccabees in a series of heroic battles in the crux of the Land of Israel, the mountain ridges of Judea and Southern Samaria – Beth El, Beth Horon, Hadashah, Beth Zur, Ma’aleh Levona, Adora’yim, Elazar, Beit Zachariya and Ba’al Hatzor. When Shimon the Maccabee [who led the Jewish war of Liberation against the Romans in 142 BC] was confronted with such a contention, he responded: "We have not occupied a foreign land; we have not ruled a foreign land; we have liberated the land of our forefathers from foreign occupation." Here are some of Mr. Nobel Peace prize winner's most recent victims:

Lt. Yael Yekutiel, 20, from Givatayim; Shir Hajaj, 22, from Ma’aleh Adumim; Shira Tzur, 20, from Haifa, and Erez Averbuch, 20, from Alon Shvut-"Soldiers" Killed 1/8/2017 in Jerusalem


In 1977, Prime Minister Begin replied to a request by President Carter to freeze Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria: “Why is it permitted for a Jew to settle in Bethel or Shiloh in the USA, towns named after places in Judea and Samaria, but forbidden to build in the original Shiloh or Beth El?”


Attacking people as Islamophobic is the tool to get the West to accept Sharia and the Caliphate:

two articles:

Zineb El Rhazoui est une journaliste et militante des droits de l’homme franco-marocaine, née le 19 janvier 1982 à Casablanca. Elle vient de publier Détruire le fascisme islamique qui paraît aux éditions Ring.

Alexandre del Valle – Le projet totalitaire des monarchies du Golfe

( Egyptian philossopher's view of "the fundamentalist in the White House" and the civilizational struggle.)

Discovering Judaism and his road from hatred to joyous heritage

Islamic free thinkers: our hatred of the Jews poisons us...

"Pouvez-vous imaginer une religion dont les adeptes prient quotidiennement, récitent le chapitre le plus important de leur Livre saint, qui contient des malédictions envers les autres ?"- "Can you imagine a religion whose devotees daily recite the most important chapter of their holy book which contains curses against others?..."

Email me for a translation of this complete article by Hamed Abdel-Samad, former member of the Islamic Brotherhood


What Boycott Israel looks like in Paris: Regardez vite cette vidéo avant qu'elle ne disparaisse.
Filmée il y a quelques mois en plein Paris par un journaliste de la télévision polonaise.
On y voit des "nouveaux Français" se distraire gentiment…

(Filmed in Paris in summer 2016 by Polish TV - what a police no-go zone looks like when Islamists take over.)



Chloé Simone Valdary

Published on Sep 11, 2016

Jerusalem U proudly presents “Forever” – a powerful new video about Jewish pride from African-American poet Chloé Valdary; a leading new voice in the pro-Israel movement, a Tikvah fellow under Pulitzer Prize-winner Bret Stephens at the Wall Street Journal, and one of Algemeiner’s top 100 people positively affecting Jewish life today.

Chloé is the new Director of Partnerships & Outreach for Jerusalem U.


The subject is the allegedly ancient Arab village of Susiya. The issue is Israel’s rights as a sovereign state operating under rules of law.
The background, briefly:
In the Hebron Hills of Judea there are the remains of an ancient Jewish city known as Susiya, which flourished in the Talmudic era. It is estimated that about 3,000 people – all Jews, observing a religious life – lived there at its height. Archeological remains, including a synagogue, that have been excavated can be visited today.

Credit: Susiya Tourist Center

Still retained within the synagogue is an ancient mosaic floor:


Not far from this archeological site, there is a modern Jewish town of Susiya.

But within the area of the archeological remains there is also an Arab squatters’ village. It consists today of some 60+ constructions of concrete, tin and canvas. They call this village Susiya as well. And those squatting on the land claim that their village has been there for a very long time.

The facts tell a very different story:

There is no evidence of an old Arab village there. Aerial photos indicate that with the exception of four building constructed in the 90s, there was nothing on the site until after 2000. In fact, when the surveys conducted by the British mandatory powers in 1945 - which mention all of the villages in the area - are examined, no mention of a village named Susiya is found.

The site had been used seasonally by Bedouin shepherds, who found shelter in the caves in the region. But in 1986, 277 dunams (about 68 acres) of land in the area, including this location, were declared to be an archeological site, at which time the caves were no longer available to the Bedouin.

Most of the buildings went up between 2011 and 2013 in defiance of a court order forbidding the building.


Now here it gets really interesting:

When the population registry of the Civil Administration was examined, it was found that most of the people claiming to live in Susiya had homes in the nearby town of Yatta (which is in Area A under PA jurisdiction).

How about that! They move between their real homes in Yatta and the hovels in Susiya as it serves their political purpose – they come out when an entourage of left wing activists or a cadre of journalists (also most likely left wing) is due to visit. When I was there, on a Regavim tour, the place was empty.


What we are in fact seeing here is a land grab by the Palestinian Arab Nawajah family of Yatta, which has built illegally and in blatant violation of Israeli court orders.

Two facts must be emphasized. One is that this matter has been thoroughly adjudicated. That is, the courts – with due process and over a period of time – fully and fairly considered the issues. The courts determined that the claims of the squatters were without basis, that they had been operating in contempt of court, and that the buildings that had been erected must be demolished. This was not a determination arrived at lightly: the buildings had to come down.

And then, even though these were squatters without legal rights to the land, an offer was made to them regarding an allocation of land, in area C beyond the archeological site, near Yatta, to which they might move. But they refused and applied for legalization of their current site – which was rejected by the Court. Aside from everything else, a village was not about to be legalized in a designated archeological area, which requires protection.

Further details can be seen here:

After multiple delays, the time now draws near for the demolition of many of the structures in illegal Arab Susiya. It was last month that the Court ruled on this yet again.


But nothing is ever simple here in Israel, where the Western world seems to think it has a right to a say about everything we do. This is the outrage: that others think they can tell a sovereign state that operates according to the rule of law what to do. The interference is breathtakingly offensive. We are forced to wonder if they would imagine interfering in the internal affairs of any other state in this fashion.

The imminent demolition of buildings in Arab Susiya has become a cause célèbre in left wing circles. “Susiya 4ever!” they say, as if this is some noble cause.

Even a Senator – Dianne Feinstein – imagined she had a right to say something about what Israel was doing. And several NGOs have been involved.

Rabbis for Human Rights has now actually approached the High Court and asked that the demolition orders be shelved.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman will be going to the Court on Monday to present the State’s case on this. If the State were to recommend that the demolition be shelved, the Court would likely accept this – there would be no reason not to.

Word is that Lieberman will tell the Court we must go ahead.

But the pressure on our government is unreal. With all of the hullabaloo, the worst that has happened in recent days is that the State Department has weighed in. On July 16th, State Department spokesman John Kirby let it be known that the US was “closely following developments.”

We need them to monitor what we are doing? There is a warning implicit in this.

At a press briefing he said (emphasis added):

“We strongly urge the Israeli authorities to refrain from carrying out any demolitions in the village. Demolition of this Palestinian village or of parts of it, and evictions of Palestinians from their homes, would be harmful and provocative...”


Elsewhere it has been reported that the US is putting great pressure on Israel with regard to this matter, and has indicated that if the demolition proceeds “the US response would be extremely severe.”


I hope and trust that steam is now coming out of your ears as well.

It is imperative that the Israeli government stand strong in the face of this. Otherwise our legal system is degraded and our state is demeaned. If the US finds it can push us around here, what comes next?

And so I ask each of you to voice support to our leaders.

I know that some of you reading this will not listen, but I will say it again anyway: Long emails are counter-productive. Our leaders and their aides are extremely busy. They do not need lectures or history lessons or legal instruction. They don’t need to see your credentials or learn of your experiences. When they see this it is a turn-off and they probably don’t even read the message through. What counts here is that they see a large number of brief supportive messages. A maximum of four sentences.

Tell them that you are furious about the pressure being applied by the US government with regard to the demolition of illegal buildings in Arab Susiya. Tell them you are with them. Urge them to stand strong no matter what.


© Arlene Kushner. The above is produced by Arlene Kushner, functioning as an independent journalist. Permission is granted for it to be reproduced only with proper attribution.
See my website at Contact Arlene at

(video link below)

(video link below)

"At one time, I was paid by the Israeli Government, by the US government, by the Palestinian Authority, and by I speak from the authority of experience...It's not a second-hand knowledge.... At some time, I thought the Jewish people were the enemies of humanity, I thought that they were the enemies of my people, the Palestinian people....until I came to experience what the Jewish nation really is, through the intelligence service, through witnessing the true democratic model in a ocean of darkness, the only light in the Middle East. I wonder people here in the free world who think that they are free, unifying against Israel,attacking Israel, isolating Israel, Boycotting Israel, hypocrisy coming together with political correctness, two faces for the same coin. In the Moslem society I witnessed a woman who sent five of her children to die in suicide bombing attacks. She would put the explosive belt on them and bless them and tell them and tell them to go kill the Jews, to gain respect in her society. That is the problem with that society's conditioning." Please listen.

[So much for on:]

An Israeli hospital confirmed Sunday that it had treated the daughter of Hamas’s top leader in the Gaza Strip, weeks after a brutal war between Israel and the Islamist terror group.


Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon's campaign to lift the ban on an Israeli exhibit has paid off, as after initially blocking the exhibit and later partially allowing it in April, the UN has now folded, allowing it to be shown in its entirety at UN headquarters in New York.

The exhibit, a joint initiative by the Israeli Mission to the UN and pro-Israel non-profit StandWithUs, presents information about Zionism, Jerusalem and Arab Israelis. It notes that "Zionism is the liberation movement of the Jewish people, who sought to overcome 1,900 years of oppression and regain self-determination in their indigenous homeland."

Danon held a protest when the exhibit was censored in early April, and hours later the UN abruptly reversed course, giving the okay for the display on Zionism – but not the displays on the Jewish people's historic connection to Jerusalem and Israel’s treatment of minority populations.

The Israeli Mission continued its diplomatic struggle for the last two months, and this week the display was finally presented in its entirety, including the sections the UN had sought to censor.

"We stood firm that the exhibit on Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the state of Israel, be displayed at the UN," said Danon. "It is not possible to censor a significant part of the history and the values of the Jewish nation."

The exhibit was displayed at the UN headquarters in New York, visible to diplomats from around the world as well as visitors to the building.

"I am very proud that we stood our ground and achieved a clear victory for the Israeli truth. The days are over when they will try to censor our heritage and demand that we hide the special place of Jerusalem in the history of the Jewish nation and the state of Israel," added Danon.

The exhibits that had been censored can be seen above.From:

"One million Arabs living in Israel are not suffering like the Palestinians living with the Arabs..."

"I have been to Israel twice and I am telling you the Jews do not hate the Arabs.

It is us,we are causing the problem, and we have to change."


Excellent links:

about the new/old totalitarianism and the war on Israel:

Honest Reporting Media Watch

Donate to prevent terror killings

Remember the victims

Follow Arabic language media

Do something about vicious YouTube videos


"Don't patronize Jewish businesses" - Hitler

from Wikipedia: On 1 April 1933, the Nazis carried out their first nationwide, planned action against Jews: a boycott targeting Jewish businesses and professionals... The Nazi boycott inspired similar boycotts in other countries.

19 year old Hadar Cohen, who was photographed a week before with her beaming parents at her graduation into the Border patrol, was murdered by a machine pistol-wielding attacker while another knifed her and another young female victim in the ancient center of Jerusalem. Before she collapsed and lost consciousness, Hadar managed to shoot one of the terrorists, thereby saving the other policewoman's life. This act of heroic bravery in defense of another's life while her own was slipping away under vicious attack was reported under the CBS headline, which read “three Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on,” then “Israeli police kill 3 alleged Palestinian attackers,” and ultimately: “Palestinians kill Israeli officer, wound another before being killed.” How devoted CBS must be to not acknowledging the reality of the crime nor the beauty and nobility of its victims. And how despicable that anyone, anywhere, accepts the CBS brand or any of the other mainstream, hateful and deceiving media.

Raif Badawi, liberal Saudi Blogger, sentenced to 1,000 lashes in 2015. Husband, father, how are you? ( DMH sent out her holiday greetings for 2015 with a tribute mention of Raif, not a single person acknowledged the reference to Raif Badawi. )


Dr. Martin Luther King during a 1968 appearance at Harvard University, stated bluntly:"When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews, You are talking anti-Semitism." [ from "The Socialism of Fools: The Left, the Jews and Israel" by Seymour Martin Lipset; in Encounter magazine, December 1969, p. 24. ].



See the parallel with the 1930's: In Germany, it started with the boycott of Jewish businesses, the humiliation of Jews in the schools, their harassment in colleges and universities, and ended with almost all of Europe and its peoples, not just the Jews, being enslaved. It started with the Allies turning a blind eye to Germany taking land, then rearming, then invading Austria, then Czechoslovakia, then Poland - and then it was too late, and almost 50 million died.


As the world now, once again, from the posh prep schools to the big colleges, from the UN to the churches, starts marching to this trance of hatred, can it, can my friend, can you, pull back and say: Never Again? I think it's YOUR problem, and it's up to YOU to stop YOUrselves before you destroy YOUR civilization.


Angela Merkel said at Dachau on April 29, 2014: “We are all forever called upon, to never close our eyes and ears to those who today accost, threaten and attack people when they identify themselves somehow as Jews or also when they side with the state of Israel.” "No, we will never forget. We’ll not forget for the sake of the victims, for our own sake, and for the sake of future generations.” “We all are forever called upon to make unmistakably clear that Jewish life is part of our identity,” Merkel added. She, the German head of state knows, we are all in this together.


[The author is an independent scholar specializing in the history and resistors interned at the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp. She is well aware of the many other genocides that scourged mankind in the twentieth century, the result of politically engineered hatred and the mass frenzy of crowds in countries around the globe and destroying and sullying many diffferent ethnic and religious groups. The focus of this article is on "the longest hatred," as anti-semitism, now masquerading as the will to eradicate the Jewish homeland, is called.  See her websites: and and her review of European Resistance in the Second World War in the Journal of Military History, April 2015. Diana Mara Henry first visited Israel in 1959 and 1960, and again in 2000, 2003, 2011, 2013 and 2015.]



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