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Edith E. Henry was born on the lower East Side of Manhattan to Anna Steltzer and Max Entratter sometime around 1905. Her parents had come from Tyczyn, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  To the Jewish world, it was Galicia, where the shrewd, the smart and the wily lived. More about her small town can be found here, although she used to say "We don't talk about it. There were pogroms there." She didn't talk about the lower East Side either, nor the Bronx, where the family moved fleeing the rent collector.

Anna Steltzer Entratter and Max (Menachem Mendel) Entratter. Edith said her father ruled his family with a look. He probably insisted the other children never reveal or acknowledge the existence of their brother Charles, who took the fall for Legs Diamond in the murders at the Hotsy-Totsy Club and was sent up the river to Sing Sing for a couple of years...When he got out, the conditions of his parole included not working in a bottling plant and not returning to NYC or Chicago. Charles was gunned down "gangland style" by members of the Mad Dog Coll mob (who were muscling in on Dutch Schultz's operations) on July 6, 1931 in a bottling plant in Brooklyn where he was working.

An equally famous brother, Jack Entratter, AKA Mr. Las Vegas,who put together the talen twhen he was at the Copa - Copacabana night club in NYC - and brought them to the Sands Hotel when he helped start it,

and our French relative Black Jack Intrator, currency speculator whose money went to buying guns for the liberation of Israel,

as well as more about Charlie Green, detailed here...

Jack was Edith's favorite brother


Alex Pechman of blessed memory, cousin from Anna's Konigsberg mother's side, chimes in, below:

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