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      • Boris Pahor on Natzweiler-Struthof

        The author Boris Pahor, a Slovene of Trieste, is famous in Europe although less well known in the US, his only novel translated into English being Pilgrim Among the Shadows, an astounding memoir of Natzweiler (Harcourt, Brace, 1995.)

        For those who might like to read somethi

      • French made-for-TV film about the fate of the University of Strasbourg and of its academics during WWII
        L'universit rsistante
        Documentaire - 56' - 1999 - Ralisation Barcha Bauer - Production L. Lanterne/France 3
        Le 1 er septembre 1939, Strasbourg est dclare ville ouverte. Quatre cent trente mille personnes prennent le chemin de l'exil vers le sud de la France. L'un

      • Rothau train station

        This is the station where prisoners bound for Natzweiler were unloaded from trains amid vicious savagery and violence. Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

      • Through the barbed wire

        A school group, seen sitting on the terrraces where the prisoner barracks stood,trying to take it all in. A guard tower stands behind them. Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry

      • Cross and rose at Natzweiler

        Annual commemoration ceremonies in June include placing a rose at the foot of each gravestone in the cemetery, for French victims of the Nazis who died in the myriad concentration camps.Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

      • A Jewish political prisoner's grave at Natzweiler
        The inscription reads:"Manfred Rosenbaum, political prisoner, died for France, on May 22, 1945, at Buchenwald." Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

      • Monument and gravestones

        Above the barbed-wire encircled compound where the barracks housing the prisoners used to stand, the monument to the dead stands, with rows of gravestones for French nationals who died in the many Nazi concentration camps, not just at Natzweiler. There are some Jewish stars in among the cross

      • Scenes from commememoration ceremonies 1998

        Dr. Lon Boutbien, survivor, at the foot of the monument; Gilbert May,left in small group, Jewish Maquisard from Alsace with fellow survivors of KLNa; survivors and their descendants sharing a pleasant moment before presenting the flags; procession begins its tour of the camp, starting at the

      • Commemoration ceremonies, June, 1998

        The man leading the procession is the son of a Jewish resistance organizer, the men in bowler hats are from the Norwegian delegation, carrying wreaths to be laid at the foot of the monument. So many groups lay wreaths, as can be seen; resistance groups from every department of France and

      • Commemoration ceremonies, June 1998

        Two commemoration ceremonies are held at Natzweiler each year: one in June, at which the Socialists, Communists, and other groups gather, and one in September which the groups that refuse to mix with the Socialists and Communists attend. In the evening, torches are lit on the hillside by the b

      • A time for reflection

        A survivor contemplates what's left of the camp where he was imprisoned. Who can imagine what scenes are pssing through his mind? Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

      • A double perimeter of barbed wire...
        seen from the top corner of the camp, with a barracks seen through the fences at top of the camp and the prison and crematorium barracks seen at bottom. Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

      • The KartoffelKeller

        Just off the parking lot, the entrance to the Kartoffelkeller, the horrible underground facility that the some of the most severely persecuted inmates, such as the French NN's, had to dig- supposedly for potatoes but probably for a weapons manufacturing facility. Photo and text Copyright

      • Entrance with Delestraint marker
        The sign posted by the entrance to the camp reads: "General Delestraint Square. Head of the secret army, imprisoned at the Struthof from the 8th of March to the 5th of September, 1944. Died for France at Dachau, April 19, 1945." Delestraint, general in charge of the resistance movements w

      • Arriving at Natzweiler

        The bus parks at the Konzentrationslager Natzweiler (KLNa) and a statue is there. Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

      • If a statue is shocking...

        How much more the terrible, thousand-fold reality? Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

      • Rules and hours for KLNA visitors

        "This camp where so many martyrs died for the homeland is more than a cemetery. Absolutely dignified behavior is a must. Decent dress and a respectful attitude are a necessity. It is forbidden to smoke and to bring animals." (left panel) On the right panel are listed the hours when t

      • From behind a curtain, a hand would reach out to wave

        Prisoners recount how on their forced march from the train station at Rothau,through Natzwiller village, behind a curtain they would see a woman wiping a tear, or a hand would wave....Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

      • Schirmeck, a "reeducation" camp nearby

        There were many different kinds of camp created by the Nazis: holding camps, reeducation camps, transit camps, extermination camps, and even within the concentration camp category,there were numbers to indicate the severity of treatment of the prisoners. Thus, Konzentrationslager Natzweiler (K

      • Natzwiller Village
        The radiant little village of Natzwiller. The Germans named the camp Konzentrationslager Natzweiler, after this, the nearest town. The French prefer to call the camp "Le Struthof" after the little resort located up the hill from the town. Photo and text copyright Diana Mara Henry

      • Natzweiler Signposts

        To the Concentration camp (known as Le Struthof, in France), to the Gas Chamber, and in the same direction, to the Bar-Restaurant. Photo and text copyright Diana Mara Henry

      • Natzweiler is located....

        Almost straight west of Strasbourg, in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains, just up from valley where the Bruche, a tributary to the Rhine, runs through. Natzwiller, as the Alsatian spelling gives it, is a lttle town. Le Struthof is a farmstead and overlook of the valley where there was a sk

      • RAF World War II aerial reconnaissance photo of Natzweiler-Struthof

        The barrracks were all torn down in the 1960's except the two at the top of the hill (at right within the oblong perimeter) and the two at the bottom, which served, one for the prison and one for the crematorium. But one can see the camps barracks still standing in the film, The You