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"I want you to know how much I enjoyed reviewing the wonderful photographs on your website. They certainly evoked a time in our lives when all things seemed possible."

Letty Cottin Pogrebin 2/18/09


"Your photos are beautiful and represent such a powerful and passionate time in American history. I believe these photos will last and many years from now they will be looked at and studied just as Mathew Brady's classic and haunting Civil war photos are today. Thank you for being a part of history."

Ron Kovic, Vietnam Veteran and author of Born of the Fourth of July

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"I LOVE the book! I did, of course, open it, and looked through all the photos and read the captions -- twice! (I'm sure Matt won't mind my having previewed his gift. :-) ) I really like the feel of it. It feels very personal, especially with the captions giving insight about your particular assignments and projects. The book gives a sense of a personal journey for you as a photographer, in addition to leading the viewer through a historical journey. I just think it is a really amazing collection. And I learn a lot each time I look through it, because it captures times and places I am largely unfamiliar with.... I am VERY happy with the copy I have." K.C, Austin, TX.

"Thank you again for coming to MCC. We had our departmental meeting last night and folks were still buzzing about your presentation.. Can't wait to hear the students' feedback in class today....Still floating around here after your visit. So many people have commented on your presentation. The students who were at your talk were amazed at how many famous people you photographed but even more impressed that you actually met the icons we are learning about in history class!" Amy Forss,Omaha, NE.

Congratulations, Diana, on the award. [Newsweek-Konica Focus on Politics 1972]

I must say, as soon as I saw it, I loved it -- and I've seen many pictures of Sarge -- but this one is definitely one of the very best.

Thank you, again, for your kindness in sending it to us [along with all the other fabulous shots.]  - Communications Director for a Sargent Shriver Community Service organization.

(See Sargent Shriver Peace Institute and ClEARCorpsUSA)

On May 27, 2009, at 11:45 AM, Tami wrote:

Dear Diana,

I have just spent countless time on your website. It is with deep heartfelt emotions that I write you. As I looked at your photos I felt such an emotional connection to each and every photograph. It is as if I was actively participating in the development of the spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth of women. I could see, feel and smell the energetic activity of each shot captured. I will be forever grateful to have found you. Thank you so very much for enriching my life, thank you for this very moment."

" Congratulations on all that you have achieved as a photographer and historian...Warmly, Kitty" [Sklar] (U Binghampton)

"Thank you for....the wonderful glimpse into your fascinating life's work. The articles and photographs you shared truly demonstrate your passion for social justice and your remarkable talent as a photojournalist."  Carol A. Leary, President, Bay Path College

"I’ve just received all of your wonderful pictures from the past that are just phenomenal - you’re a wonder - I think you have a corner on the market when it comes to photographs like that -very very poignant photographs, and very touching. I wish that I had time to do a history of these ladies and post all the photographs on our website."

From Sandy Oestreich

Ratify ERA Florida.net

"So, when are you going to take MY photo?
All best, Phyllis" [Chesler]

I did, Phylllis: Here you are (second from left of photo ) with Lette Cottin Pogrebin holding your baby son, Ariel; Koryne Horbal, President of N.O.W. to your left. Maggie Peyton, Bella Abzug's right-hand woman in black cap; 1978 bBzug press conference on her firing by President Carter, 1978.)


Diana - what a fantastic site, you are truly a gifted Photographer! -Wendy Shanker

"Diana has a powerful and engaging photographic style...." Amy Rappoport

 "What a great era you immortalized!" - Kathy Fugaro

 "Your photographs are as stunning as your career is impressive! As a woman born in 1961, I thank you and so many others for all the hard work you’ve done for us all."- Kelley Roe


"Thank you so much for the photos that wended their way to me -- from my office and because I've been traveling -- later than you intended. They are such a memory boost, and I'm so glad that you were there with your camera!...With friendship, Gloria" 2/15/09

"Why don't you collect your best most interesting pictures and have a photoessay of your life? Maybe we could get a grant when we have a non-profit to
do this book, particularly the feminist aspect. Under the biographical part you could include your French roots, the camp material photos you took and
your concern. This would be a wonderful project, inspiring to young women interested too in photo journalism, a real contribution." Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret, Penfield Press

"Your work is a true inspiration to all ladies ...!"  Dean Cathy Gorini, Maharishi College of Enlightenment

(A note about quality: As you may have noticed, most of the images on the web site are

not exhibition quality, to discourage theft and unauthorized use. All images are Copyright © Diana Mara Henry. When you purchase an image, we will provide you with the very finest quality digital or silver print of your choice for personal use and display, not for reproduction or publication or distribution unless those terms are specified in your purchase agreement.)

For customized photography books and screensavers, with the images you select from this web site or for other images in my files, please e-mail me! Thanks so much. Diana