DMH Spotlight - Andre Peulevey in history of Amicale Action Back

André Peulevey in the list of participants of l'Amicale Action and in the address section of participants (with typo.) The book was published in 1953.

Cover of the Livre d'Or de l'Amicale Action, gold book of the Action friendship association whose pages list André (as does the sworn testimony by Joël Le Tac on André's Department of Defense records;a version of De Gaulle's call for actionfrom London after the surrender of France to the Germans; Gens de La Lune page from the Amicale Action, André also belonging to Gens de La Lune (see front page) as his networks assisted in bringing in clandestine flights to France and back to England ferrying pilots, spies, information, and weapons; and the Cross of Lorraine adopted by De GAulle as the emblem of the Free French who never surrendered to the Germans and continued the fight, the cross also seen on the cover of the book shown here.                   

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