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DMH self-portrait in a gallery, 1984

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Roll 1: Gameshow June 1984 ( above )

Keever, Kim; Kligman, Ruth; Planetella; Roman, Michael; Romberger, James; Zedd ,Nick

Roll 2: Pat Hearn Gallery,  and front of B Side Gallery, Avenue D, June, 1984

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Azon, Gary

B Side Gallery

Baechler, Donald

Carragio, Linus

Hearn, Pat Gallery

Kaplan, Steve

Solomon, Holly

Tully, Jud

Roll 3: Pat Hearn Gallery, Avenue D, June, 1984

Gormley, Brian

Hearn, Pat

Henry, Diana Mara

Herron, Annie

Kaplan, Steve

Keever, Kim

Larrain, Christine

Romberger, James

Scarpulla, Karen

Shostrom, Ann

Wong, Martin

Roll 4: Pat Hearn Gallery, Avenue D, June, 1984

Henry, Diana Mara

Herron, Annie

Kaplan, Steve

Keever, Kim

Kostabi, Mark

Mapstead, Noel Oard

Vy, Veronica

Roll 5: Lower East Side/ Party at Kamikaze August 1984

Bernaducci, Frankie

Brezinski, Edward

Bridgewater, Paul


Cutrone, Ronnie

Hambleton, Richard

H-O Paul

Janowitz, Tama

Janowitz, Tama


Jones, Baird

Kligman, Ruth

Madsen, Mette

Mansion, Gracie

Mapstead, Noel Oard

Riche, Oliver

Robinson, Walter

Sosinski, Ronald

Thea, Carolea

Veiss, Veronica “Vivi”

Viera, Diane

DMH with her photographs on view on the Lower East Side

Other people in remaining rolls:

Roll 6: August 1984

Davis, Debbie

McCormick, Carlo

Minter, Marilyn

Savard, Dean

Seligman, Howie

Roll 7: September 1984


Milford, Doug

Doug Milford, Christine Zounek and Philip Pocock

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Roll 8: September 1984 Greer Lankton exhibit

Warren, Tom

Lankton, Greer

Carter, Michael

Roll 9: September 1984

Young, Walter

Roll 11: 1984

Smith, Greg

Wechsler, Arnold

McCormick, Carlo

Van Cook, Marguerite

Bonk, Keiko and mom

Hambleton, Richard

Roll 12: 1984

Grass, Peter


Viera, Diane

Proll, Rick

Dee Dee and gallery co-owner

Parker, Robert


Naber, Bernd

Greenblatt, Rodney Alan

Roll 13: 1984

Buckingham, Russell

Cyphers, Peggy

Wall, Rhonda

Berg, Bob

Viera, Diane

Cerigo, Simon

Bakam, Bedri

Roll 14: 1984

Scarpulla, Karen

Sharp, Willoughby

Buckingham, Russell

Roll 15: 1984

Goodfellow, Brian

Bromberger, James

Van Cook, Marguerite

Roll 16/17: 1984

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Steve Kaplan

Mapstead, Noel Oard

Mead, Taylor

Naber, Bernd

Liz (of Liz and Val)

Romberger, James

Schwarzburg, Peter

Van Cook, Marguerite


Roll 12, above:

Second row from top, far left: Noel Oard Mapstead and Peter Grass.

Third row from top, third frame from left: Diane Viera, left.

Some blow-ups of other images from roll 12:

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                             Roll 12 Frame 25 A                                    Roll 12 Frame 16A

Roll 12 Frame 2A

Roll 12 Frame 4A

Roll 12 Frame 5A


Center: Rick Proll, artist

Roll 12 Frame 22A


Roll 12 Frame 21A

Planetella, left

Roll 12 Frame 19A

Dee Dee, left

Roll 12 Frame13 A

Robert Parker and Magda

Roll 12 Frame 12A



In June, August,September and October 1984, Diana Mara Henry frequented the LowerEast Side Gallery openings with Noel Mapstead. But where are these people now? Please email us if you recognize the folks in these photos. Scans of image (for personal display only and not for reproduction publication or distribution) will be sent in thanks for photo id's. Thank you!  Email us now!


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