DMH Spotlight - Resurvey questionnaire for participants of the
First National Women's Conference, Houston 1977

"I'm so glad Diana found you! I'll be interested to see the survey of the women from 1977's conference and where they are now..dreams accomplished and those still to be attained. It is interesting to me the different paths in front of us and the ones we chose to take..." Peggy Kokernot Kaplan, (center, below) 12/09/2008

Sylvia Ortiz, Peggy Kokernot and Michele Cearcy, last mile torch runners.Copyright©1978 Diana Mara Henry

Questions for participants at the First National Women’s Conference, Houston, November, 1977       

Copyright © Diana Mara Henry /

Please answer as many as you like, and in as much detail as you like. My thanks!

  1. Your name, address, phone, email and URL
  2. What was your name and address at the time of the FNWC?
  3.  What was your occupation, age and schooling at that time?
  4. Were you a delegate or in what other way were you involved in the conference?
  5. Did you attend a State Meeting prior to attending the conference, and if so, which one?
  6. Do you have ephemera (fliers, buttons, schedules, articles) from the meeting or the conference? If you have donated them or otherwise disposed of them, please tell us how.
  7. Did you write about the meeting and/or conference and or photograph/film it and do you still have those writings/photographs/films? Do you have any intentions of placing those materials in an archive and if so, which one?
  8. Please share with us why you attended the FNWC and state meeting.
  9. Please share what you experienced there.
  10. Please share your use of what you learned/did at the conference in future years:
  11. What was your subsequent schooling/reading/research? Did the FNWC impact that in any ways?
  12. What has been your career path or paths? Did the FNWC impact that in any ways?
  13. What was your family configuration in 1977 and how did that change until now? Did the FNWC impact that in any ways?
  14. What was your work situation in 1977 and how did that change until now? Did the FNWC impact that in any ways?
  15. What were your civic/philanthropic/volunteer paths then and how did they change until now? Did the FNWC impact that in any ways?
  16. Could you share a photograph with us of who you are today, either with family, in work setting, leisure occupation or any other representation of  you?
  17. Would you like to see another Women’s Conference on the scale of Houston, 1977 and do you think State Meetings would be a necessary component? Who should sponsor/fund such a conference?
  18. What part(s) of the Plan of Action concerned you most in 1977 and what issues would be most important for you to see voted on today?
  19. Has your political, religious, gender affiliation changed since 1977 and in what way? Did the FNWC impact that in any ways?
  20. Are there any other changes in your life path that were or were not attributable to your experience at Houston that you would like to share?
  21. Could you share a perspective on the women’s movement then, now and a recommendation on women’s issues for young women today?
  22. Please share anything else with us not covered in these questions that you think is important to you or others.

23.  May we publish your answers, along with others, on this website?

Thank you very much. Diana Mara Henry

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